I woke up to the eerie quiet and empty streets of Cairo. Few vehicles were driving on the streets and less than a handful of people were out walking. Uniformed officers and others dressed in civilian clothing  lined both sides of the streets from as early as 6am.

At 11:30am a siren went off as a warning to those in their homes and driving in the streets that the entourage with both presidents were seconds away from passing by. I stood at a safe distance away from my window watching the convoy of cars making their way around the bend of Kahlifa El Maa’moun and up Salah Salem Street and onwards to destination before giving his speech at the Cairo University. (That is probably the closest I will ever get to 2 presidents!)

I didn’t realise what a big deal his visit was until I met Chris Cuomo, one of Good Morning America’s anchors, Tuesday evening as he was checking in to the Marriot Zamalek along with the film crew. It was at that moment I realised that I needed to listen to his speech because history was going to be made. I am very glad that I did. (Just wish I could have actually been at the venue)

This is my take on Obama’s speech. He gained major points with the public by addressing the people of our country, region and all Muslims world wide.  He greated everyone with  the traditional Islamic greeting ‘Al Salam Aleykum’ ,(Peace be upon you) he also included quotes from the holy Quraan. Which gained further points but mostly respect. He is probably the first President or leader of a non-Muslim country who stood up and recognized the history and role Islam has had in the world. (I even learned things that I didn’t know and it made me proud to be living in the region and to be apart of a faith that has contributed so much to Algebra, Science, Art and Music).  In his own words he told the people of our region that he understands and that he and his country are not at war with Islam or Muslim but those that endanger the lively hood of innocent people and want to prevent them from practicing their faith and living their lives freely. Mr. Obama did not beat around the bush either, (no pun intended), he was up front and honest about 7 issues that need to be looked at and changed. He hit the nail on the head in my opinion! I know that there are some skeptics who are questioning his sincerity and want to wait and see if his words will match his future actions. I can understand that. However, we can not put the weight of the world on his shoulders alone. If we are ever going to achieve peace in our region we need to stop pointing the finger of blame like a bunch of kindergarten children saying ‘he did it’ or ‘he started it first’ and learn from history. So, that we can take the step forward  in the right direction to work towards peace and away from itchy trigger happy radicals.

At the end of his hour-long speech there wasn’t a member of his audience who wasn’t on their feet applauding and calling out his name. I watched him from the comfort of my own home but when he was done speaking not only was I on my feet standing in solidarity with his vision for a better future but I had goose bumps from the beginning of the speech right up until he left the stage.

If ,I was an American I would have not only  have voted for him but I would be very proud of what he is trying to accomplish and the message of peace that he is trying to bring to the world in a time of terrorism and turmoil! Hat’s off to President Obama and my God protect him and his family from those who do not share his vision for a better world.

Now that air force one has taken off and America’s president is well on his way to Europe and our president is back in his residential home. The people have taken to the streets and are exercising their tires! Traffic is back to being the way we know it!.

“Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” (lyrics from a song)

Hawk Eyes standing in solidarity!