34 Egyptian Fishermen of two fishing vessels had been held captive by Somalian Pirates since last April. On Friday these men who had almost lost hope of ever returning to their homeland and seeing their families when the negotiations for their release were turned down by their captures. The Pirates wanted 1.5 million dollars for the release of the men. Two of whom were the sons of one of the men who owned one of the boats. The owners of the vessels were able to raise $200 thousand of the ransom but the pirates wanted more.

The Pirates had obviously never come across angry home sick Egyptians. The fishermen some how were able to get their hands on various tools, machetes and guns. Their coordination and escape plan worked like magic. They overcame their captors and mixed reports say 2 pirates were killed while others say 7 pirates had been killed in the struggle. That’s not all folks they have 8 of the captors hostage and they are being held captive on board the vessels to be handed over to Egyptian authorities to be tried here in Egypt. (These guys are going to have more than just the book thrown at them!) The men declined to be airlifted back to Egypt, they have chosen to sail back with pride and to show their country men and the world how brave they are.

I’m really in to keeping up to date with current affairs but I can not recall ever hearing on the news that these vessels had been taken by Pirates. I may be mistaken but did anyone else hear about it before the up-rise? I don’t even remember it being talked about in cafes, restaurants or even at work! If it had been known to the Egyptian public I’m sure that they would have made efforts to raise more money for their release.

Another thing that is bothering me is didn’t Piracy end in 1826? Did these Somalian guys catch Jonny Depp’s Block Buster Trilogy of ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ (if you haven’t seen them, you must! Excellent movies!) and think ‘ HEY! That’s a great way to make a living! Let’s become a band of pirates and high jack oil tankers and cargo ships and ask for millions of dollars in ransom money.”

My Dad is planning a career change and joining the band of pirates. He says they make more money in one Hijaking than he would make in a year. He has a point 😉 I don’t know what skills my Dad has to offer them other than teaching how to fly air crafts, cooking baa’lawa (Egyptian desert made with filo pastry, also know as Baklava) and being a handy man to have around. Then again his opinion might change and he might want to be a fisherman!

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