This is just ridiculous!! I have been back a week and I still can’t get a regular sleeping pattern. Today! I woke up at 11am. Only because I didn’t get to sleep until after 3am! I did some chores around the house. Did Tai Chi (save the jokes about it being for old people, you try doing it. It’s not as easy as it looks!), practiced a few Salsa combinations (the dance, not the sauce), had something to eat and did a few other things. Here I am wide awake at 2:20am on line!!

So, before I decided to call it a night I flipped to a channel on Nile Sat, called ‘Rotana’ or ‘Fox’ and there was this series that happened to be on called ‘Odd Girl Out’. It was about a senior in High School who was being bullied by a group of girls. The worst thing was that this group of girls happened to lure her best friend since childhood. These girls took bullying to a whole new level. It used to be just with words and maybe totally ignoring the victim’s existence, but that wasn’t the case with this bunch of girls. Today’s generation takes it to a whole new level. Unbeknown to a lot of Parents and Teachers, there is a new form of bullying. It’s called ‘Cyber Bullying’, which can mean creating websites with super imposed images, animations, graphics, spreading of very nasty rumours along with the more familiar and traditional ways of torturing and tormenting a young adolescent.  The worst thing about cyber bullying is that it is forwarded from one person to another so quickly that it spreads like a wild fire. To delete or get rid of the hurtful material is not an easy feat either but it can be done.

Every school in the world has a group of girls like this who decide who is ‘Hip’ and who is ‘#hit’. They are easy to recognise. They are THE MOST POPULAR girls in school and they are usually very good looking and have every guy under their spell and what they say, goes. These girls have a  favorite past time too. They single out and prey on pretty, nice, kind, naive and smart girls. The girl is usually someone they are deeply threatened by. Their idea of fun is to torment them in any and every creative cruel and wicked way they possibly can to make the poor girl break down. The more tormented she appears to be, the more it fuels them to do more. They feed off of her misery and it makes them stronger.

Watching it brought back memories of when I first moved here  to Egypt and I had a run in with a close knit group of girls who decided that I would be their playground. I was 12 years old, new to the city and to the school and I knew absolutely no one and they were ALL in my class. EVERY class, there was no avoiding them. They didn’t like that I was getting all the attention and that I was fair skinned, spoke English better than they did, had freckles and that I was nice. I mostly ignored it and I tried to be nice to everyone, but there reaches a point where you have to stand up and say enough is enough. I did, it just got worse with every year, but  I endured it for three years until it got way out of hand. My Mum (God Bless her heart), decided enough was enough and pulled me out of the school I was in and sent me to another.

I recently bumped in to the leader of the pack this past July at a restaurant at the Four Seasons. What was Ironic is that she came up to ME and greeted ME. The ‘power’ she used to possess and the image of who or what she thought she was had long gone. I couldn’t help but inwardly smile. From what I could gather is that she completed University, married a short, chubby rich guy a few years older than herself, popped out a few kids, has a few wrinkles and is now divorced. While I still look like I’m in my early twenties, I live alone, I have 2 University degrees, I have a great future in my line of profession, have lots of hobbies, have done probably more than she has in her life and most importantly I am Happy with who I am and who I have become.

On reflection, they probably did me a HUGE favor by choosing me as their pray. If it hadn’t been for them, I probably would never have been enrolled at the school I moved to. Which is where I was privileged to have had the best educators I have ever come across in all my years of being a student, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t smooth sailing, there were lots of hickups along the way. The lesson I learned there I still remember and use to this very day. Some of the people I made friends and came to know I am still in touch with today.

It was a win, win situation for me! It just didn’t seem like it at the time.