Once Ramadan ended everything seems to have been going at full throttle!

Schools were re opened and members pf the teaching community have been going full steam ahead trying to get through all the revision that should have been done in September so that they can get in to teaching the curriculum. With the fear of possibly being closed again due to the H1N1 virus, they are doing their darndest to get through as much material as possible so that they don’t fall even further behind!

I was able to fulfill one of my many life long dreams in October. I had always wanted to go camping out in the middle of the desert and to sleep under the stars in Wadi Hitan. I was able to do that with a group of friends during the October 6th holiday. It was better than I had imagined! The silence of the desert, the untouched and pure beauty of the scenery was absolutely breath-taking especially with the full moon illuminating the desert.  Roughing it and living the way bedouins do was truly a humbling and a rejuvenating experience. I hope I am able to go camping again in the White Desert and Siwa soon.

I had bought a ticket in July to attend the First Ever Salsa Congress in Cairo! I had been looking forward to it for months but due to a medical problem with both my feet. I wasn’t able to attend =(   It was feared that I would have to operate on my Achilles tendon, but lucky the MRI scans came back and showed that I didn’t have a tear, just chronic tendonitis of the Achilles, which I am now treating and having physio therapy for!

The writing for (in)sight Magazine is still going strong. I have an article about a very remarkable young man out in the November issue. He’s an acquaintance of mine and a person I am growing to respect and admire the more I get to know him. How many people do you know climb mountains to raise money for charity to help rebuild schools in their native country?!

I promise to write more details about some of the events of October, whilst keeping you up to date with what is going on in November!