I had watched the Oprah show when Kenny Ortega was a guest and discussed the tribute he made in honor of the late King Of Pop.  I hadn’t thought much of it and didn’t have the intention to go and see it, until I heard him talk about his long time friend. The clip that was also shown sealed the deal for me. I may not be a musician or a prima ballerina but I LOVE Music and Dance equally. The day after watching the show, I saw the poster for the movie on a billboard on the streets of Cairo. I was quite surprised, I hadn’t really expected it be out here at the same time as the rest of the world. At that moment I  made a conscious decision that I was going to go and see it before the 2 weeks of its viewing were up.

I went to watch this weekend and I was gob smacked at how alert, in tune, sane and great shape he was in. The media painted an image of  a man who may have been teasing death. He couldn’t have been more alive or excited about his ‘new adventure’. I have to admit that he did look quite thin but other than that he still had the presence that he had always had.

Ortega did a sterling job of making a tribute to the late Michael Jackson our King Of Pop. I think Michael would have liked it too. It portrayed him as a person with an incredible ear for music, eye for perfection, a remarkable performer and an artist who was passionate about giving his all as well as a man who cared about the planet he lived on. 

‘You never know what you have lost until it’s gone’ is a phrase that rings true to the world right now. We have lost one of the greatest musical geniuses and performers of our time and the chances are we may never see another like him again. I don’t think anyone will ever come close to Michael Jackson.

With all his quirks, differences and eccentricities he didn’t deserve a lot of the scrutiny and rumors that he had to constantly battle. Now that he is gone, the media are still feeding off of possible stories that his children aren’t really his and that he was perhaps a secret junkie.   I say, he and his family have suffered enough for decades,  let Michael rest in peace. Let us remember him for the artist that he was and the joy his music gave to us.

You are already missed,

Rest In Peace, you will forever be the undisputed King Of Pop.