It was suggested by a member of The Tuesday Nighters that we as a group of friends go to the premiere of the movie ‘Heliopolis’. I was looking forward to it because I am a resident of Heliopolis and I had hoped that watching it would bring more insight to the area.

Thursday the day of the premiere arrived and I was a little excited to be attending a premiere, the cast, director and producer were going to be present at the showing too! Egyptian Celebs and all that jazz. I wasn’t sure how formal or informal the dress code was, so i went with semi formal.

When I got there I was astounded and disgusted with the behavior of the attendees. Pushing and shoving to get in to the door so that they could run in to the theatre and reserve seats for the people who were attending the film with them. I thought there might have been better organization or better behaved people going to watch the film. Wishful thinking! It was very hard to find seats since the mob who had forced their way in had reserved so many seats that my friends and I were having a difficult time finding places to sit. What made the situation even worse was that the theater had sold more tickets than they should have so people were sat on the floor in the isle in some places watching the movie. Luckily some of our group had gotten in first and they had reserved seats near the front, so we could see the screen well.

I honestly wish I could say that the director who also happened to be the screen writer was phenomenal but I can’t.  I would have to cut my tongue out for telling a very tall tale. In my opinion the film was a flop!  The script was awful, 20 minutes in to the movie there’s still no clear direction that the story line is taking. There was no climax or drama what so ever! I honestly still don’t know what the movie should have been about. Was it supposed to be like the movie ‘CRASH’ where all the characters lives are connected somehow OR was it about a student trying to do his reasearch for his maters in what Heliopolis was like in the 60s? It was very miss leading in my opinion. Khaled Abul Naga and lead singer Hani from the popular Egyptian group Wust El Balad’s talents were lost in that movie. The best characters in the movie was the guard and the puppy!

Whilst watching the movie I was sat next to a friend of mine who works in the entertainment industry and he was just as frustrated and bored watching the movie as I was.

I don’t know why the movie is getting the excellent reviews that it’s getting, but it is. If I were you, don’t go to the cinema to watch it, wait till it comes out on DVD.