I got this in my e-mail. It was forwarded by a friend, who knows the person who wrote it.

I think they have a very STRONG point to be made!!

Dear Friends,
What happened to Egyptians last night in Sudan after the game was nothing but a shame. I am sure everyone here heard about thats if he/ she doesn’t know anyone who was there. Yes, we can swear in games, yes we can break seats in stadiums but us Egyptians were never hooligans, we never do like Algerians do….Beside all that, our team was attacked upon their arrival in Sudan and supporters buses were attacked even before the game. As several phone calls we hard last night for Egyptians in Sudan pleading for help were saying Algerians were out with knives…Such as shame not only for Arabs or anything but more for the game that promotes FAIR PLAY.
When they had only one stone thrown on them it was all over the media worldwide instantly. Amazingly enough we did not do the same. But after last night sorry.
The least we can do is to report to the Fifa and ask for justice and disqualification for the Algerian team. Honestly, I would even ask for disqualification of both teams and make Zambia qualify. I dont care but what happened last night must be punished severely.
So whoever is interested can report under general enquiries http://www.fifa.com/contact/ . I totally believe thats the least we can do.
And whoever wants to take our amazing FA side and stay silent as usual, go ahead.
In addition to that, I would encourage anyone who has any contact with international media and has any pictures or videos to send it out to them to be published.
PS: I am not saying we were angels but we have limits.