Egyptians, like the Greek and Italians love FOOD.  If you want to make money in Egypt, one of the best ways to get rich quick would be to open a fast food joint or a coffee shop and to make your way to a mans heart would be through his stomach.

If you’re driving in your car in Cairo, you will notice that every few yards you will find either a pharmacy or a place where food is sold. Right next to my house, I have KFC and Hardees. Talk about temptation! What makes it even more tempting is that they ALL DELIVER right to your door!!! If you’re starved you will be spoilt for choice. You can choose between the more authentic Egyptian fast food or the more International recognizable logos belonging to the fast food giants. In my opinion they are both not the wisest choice to make when it comes to nourishing ones self. They aren’t balanced meals and very little about them is wholesome.

Back in August a friend of mine, (Wesam aka Fat Sam), challenged his friends and readers to a fast food fast. The objective of the fast was not only to refrain from  eating junk food for a month but to also see if it would affect our weight and heighten our sense of  taste. I, like a few others accepted his challenge, but I wanted to see if  could go without for longer than a month.

It wasn’t easy at first. I would have cravings for French fries, burgers and pizza along with the desire to quench my thirst with cold soda. I almost fell to temptation a few times during the first week, but my will to succeed was strong and so was the desire to lose a couple of pounds.

The more home cooked meals I made, with fresh vegetables, poultry and meat the easier it became to resist the mouth-watering menus of the fast food restaurants. The more healthier my meals were, the tastier they seemed to be and the less cravings for trans fatty food I had.

I was able to go without eating any junk food for a total period of three months! My downfall came when I was trying not to buy any groceries because I would be going away on holiday, so instead of cooking healthy food, I ordered take out!

Since the 26th of November it has been very hard for me to get my mind-set getting back on track and continuing with the fast food fast. With the Eid treats, followed by Thanksgiving goodies and NOW CHRISTMAS DELIGHTS that beckon me to taste them!

I have decided that as of the 27th of December, I am going to do my EXTREME BEST to not eat any fast food for as long as I possibly can. There are several reasons behind my decision;

  1. My family has a history of heart related problems as well as diabetes.
  2. I want to lose at least 10-15 Kg by June.
  3. I hope to participate in the Alexandrian annual Walkathon organized by the Alexandrian Rotary Club to raise money for a cause.
  4. In the Walkathon, I plan on cycling against my sister who has been the reigning female champion for two years running now.

So, I will keep you posted on how I do throughout the coming months!

If you want to join me and get a support team going…by all means, be my guest!

Wish Me Luck……..I’m going to need a bushel or two!!!

So it’s now April! I have fallen to temptation twice!! I hated myself for it though. I have stayed away from the junk but I have been making some stupid mistakes. I go out to restaurants and order things that are high in calories so even staying away from the fast food isn’t good enough. You have to choose wisely. I’ve been getting a crash course in what to eat  from my mother this past week. Let’s hope I can stick to it when I go back to my mad hatter life!!!