I am ashamed to admit that it has taken me all this time to actually watch the movie/documentary of ‘The March Of The Penguins’.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about watching it. I thought I would be bored to tears… seriously how entertaining would it be to watch penguins on ice? I have to say that I was dumbfounded and I truly enjoyed watching every second of it! It was fantastic! The footage captured by the French film crew following the Male, Female and Baby penguins was spectacular!!!

The documentary takes you to a place that you would never be able to visit in a text-book or just by looking at pictures. The endurance and loyalty those birds have is not only remarkable but un-imaginable. I think male homosapians need to take some lessons from the Male Emperor penguins and some of the Egyptian princess need to get off their high horses and come down to earth and see that life is tough for every species on the planet!

WOW!!! I think I may very well use it when I’m teaching Habitats in Science in the third quarter. No matter how hard I try to explain to my students how cold the South and North Pole is they can’t imagine it. This will definitely give them an accurate depiction of what it’s really like and why no humans live there.

We as inhabitants of this planet really do need to take better care of the only home we have and the home that we share with thousands of other species of animals and plants.

I highly recommend that people watch it at least once in their life!! Now, I just need to get my hands on the BBC documentary of Planet Earth!!! The Holy Grail of footage!