The cinema’s have had the posters for this new 3D movie up for quite some time, and when I went to see the latest film in the Twilight series, ‘New Moon’, I saw the trailer for it. (YES, I AM A FAN OF THE TWILIGHT BOOKS, sue me!). Although the trailer pretty much gives you a big chunk of the story, it is definitely worth a couple of pounds ( or what ever you currency is) to go and see!

James Cameron, who brought the Terminator, Alien and Titanic to the big screen wrote and directed the movie. This movie takes you on a journey to another world (Pandora). The world is alien and yet strangly familiar. Whilst watching it, It reminded me of the South American rainforests and the natives of  Pandora, (the naavii),  are what we would call primitive, had more of a connection and an understanding of their world and value of  life and nature than we do. The Naavii tribe that we are introduced to with their hair styles, head dresses, accessories and weapons of bows, arrows and spears remind me of  a mix between African and North American natives. Their weapons are obviously no match aganinst human technology and brawn. The magic of  the special effects is believable and welcoming! The array of colors is captivating. I didn’t want the movie to end, I wanted to stay and live like the naavii and learn their very complicated language.

The battle scene are something new and different but slightly reminiscent of Star Wars, but much better in my opinion!

Jake Sully a Marine who lost the use of his legs is taken there to help with diplomatic relations, by entering the naavii territory in the body of an Avatar. I’m not going to ruin the story for you, but, part of the story reminds me of one of my favorite animated movies ‘Fern Gully’ and another really good movie, ‘ Dances With Wolves’.

When you watch the movie you may reflect on how we as the ‘civilized’ race might look and come across  to others as  greedy bullies as well savages or maybe even barbarians. You see humans through a different perspective.

If you like fantasy worlds, science fiction and a little bit of action, then this is a movie you should go watch. If the movie is still showing at a theater near you, get off your butt and go see it. I would definitely go and watch it again!

P.S Don’t worry if you look a bit geeky in your 3D glasses…everyone  else in the theater does too!

Theater Experience

I saw the movie in Alexandria @ Green Plaza. The theater was quite huge and they had 3D glasses available for purchase, 15LE each. What really ticks me off are those that attend the movie and don’t switch of their cell phones and actually have a conversation in the middle of the theatre in the midst of the viewing audience OR they just decide to talk loudly to the person next to them! So, be prepared to meet some inconsiderate nincompoops!