A high-octane reality TV show that puts the Middle East on the map in a new way.

 Plan A, a Beirut-based creative agency is proud to announce “seVen”, a reality TV show that will document the first ever Pan-Arab expedition to complete the famous Seven Summit mountaineering challenge. seVen will follow the progress of a Pan Arab team of climbers as they strive to conquer the worldʼs tallest mountain peaks, a challenge only completed by just over 300 adventurers worldwide since itʼs creation.


 Plan Aʼs Creative Director Amin Sammakieh says, “seVen has all the elements for a gripping series. It is reality TV at its best – drama, action, and documentary all in one. These men and women are actually risking their lives to raise awareness about their countries, and more importantly, they are united as a team, ready to work together to prove themselves and to put the Middle East on the map in a new way. ” 

 A pilot episode, shot and edited to give broadcasters and sponsors a taste of things to come, will follow a team of men and women from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, Iraq and Algeria as they set out on 1st January 2010 to scale Jebel Toubkal in Morocco, the Arab Worldʼs highest mountain, covered in snow, rock and ice during the winter months. 

 Award-winning, Canadian-Lebanese adventure film maker, Elia Saikaly says, “We are really excited about shooting seVen – it is a once in a lifetime documentary series. I think what is really intriguing about the challenge is that very few people have done it and, in my opinion, this is one of the last great adventures on earth.” 

 Given the massive logistical problems involved in covering these inaccessible locations, Plan A has teamed up with Balestra, a Canadian sports production agency, which will provide specialized logistical support ranging from planes, camera crew and equipment, to tents, food, 4x4s, satellite communication and reporters, to name a few. 

 “Our partnership with Balestra is vital,” Amin Sammakieh explains, “We would be lost planning these expeditions without them.” Plan A will be providing broadcast ready footage for TV Networks across the region. 

 Climb 4 Lebanon, an initiative launched three years ago by Lebanese mountaineer Kheiry Sammakieh, which uses climbing to raise awareness and funds for worthy causes in Lebanon, is also one of the main partners in this event. Kheiry, climbing for the Republic of Lebanon, sums up the feelings of the team saying “I think this challenge requires enormous will power, aptitude, and a one team one dream attitude – it will show the Middle East and the rest of the World that we can break taboos and work in unity.” 

 Explaining the background to seVen, Omar Samra, Everest summiteer climbing for the Arab Republic of Egypt says, “We came up with the idea a year ago to do a combined Egyptian-Lebanese expedition, it has since evolved and expanded to include entire region and we are very excited and proud to be a part of this momentous project”. 

 seVen Expedition Leader, Gabriel Filippi, Everest Summiteer, says simply, “All the logistics are in place and we are ready to make history.” Gabriel has led countless expeditions in the Himalayas, and has summited six of the Seven Summits. 

Plan A, Balestra and Climb 4 Lebanon have put up equal shares to make this pilot happen. 

 Last October, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kheiry Sammakieh for a piece I was doing for the November issue of (in)sight Magazine. During our interview it was clear that this young man was as generous as he is ambitious. I’ve know this intelligent young man for a little over a year now and he is witty and funny. Which I’m sure will add a lot of flavor to the up and coming show. The seven summit climb will prove to be challenging and a test of endurance and determination.  

I look forward to following the seven Men and Women who will be representing their countries and the rest of the region. I wish them all the best of luck on their expedition, God speed and come back safely. 


To learn more and follow these 7 brave men and women, go to 


climb 4 Lebanon. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=16096079830 


seVen http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=218184735821