Every year my best friend Sandra makes a long list of New Years resolutions and I listen silently chuckling to myself while she runs through her list. Some of the things on her ‘to do list’ are achievable and others are just over the top. I also know that the chances of her actually doing the things on her list are most probably not going to get done. The year rolls a long its destined corse and at the end of it she realizes she hasn’t achieved any or most of them.  The morning of the first day of the new year, she’ll call me up and say ‘Nadia, I’ve made a list of New Years resolutions and we are going to do them together.’ I love her enthusiasm and her eagerness. I jokingly ask her ‘What happened to last years list?” and she burst out laughing. ‘I didn’t do any of them, that was last year and this is this year.” The morning of the first day of 2010, Sandra sends me a New Years greeting and asks me what my resolutions are. I usually don’t make any to save myself from disappointment of not achieving or doing something. This year I have set a few goals and I have written down 6 resolutions that I have to make happen. I text them to her and ask her what hers are and to my shock she only made 3.

Sandra’s list

1- Take Care Of My Health

2- Keep Away From Anything That Upsets Me

3- Have Hope And Be Happy.

My 6 for the New Year

1-  Work towards being an even better person. (perfect perfection, you can always do with maintenance)

2- Continue to work towards being a recognized writer. ( keep writing, take constructive criticism and use it to improve)

3- Never give up without a fight. ( If I believe in something with every fiber of my being, I need to work and fight for it)

4- Laugh and Smile more. (I found that when I don’t laugh, there seems to be something missing from my day)

5- Try new things. ( You don’t get any where or experience anything if you stay in your comfort zone, risks and challenges have to be taken and made if we are ever going to truly experience life and what it has to offer)

6- Be healthier. ( Healthy in every sense, mentally, emotionally and physically).

Have you made any resolution, Care to share yours with me?