My Mom and I were on our way to meet up with my sister so we could go and have our hair cut at a new salon. On the way there my father was talking to us about Egypt Air beefing up security on their flights due to the recent terrorist threat on a flight to the U.S this past December.

He told us that;

1-  They will no longer be showing the flight plan/progress on the over head monitors.

( I can understand that, that way the terrorists won’t know when they are supposed to make a move, they won’t have the map to tell them where they are or the altitude to tell them how high up they are)

2- No entertainment will be shown throughout the flight.

(GREAT so passengers will be bored to death flying across the Atlantic and the terrorists won’t be distracted! Good Plan!! )

My Dad’s take on no entertainment is so that the passengers will be more alert to those around them.

(Can’t you just see the passengers watching everyone’s move and sleeping with one eye open, keeping an eye on suspicious characters. How are passengers going to stop a terrorist? Pour hot coffee over them, bore them to death and talk to them the whole flight maybe put vodka in their water!)

3- Passengers will not be allowed to get anything out of the overhead compartment an hour before landing.

(sorry sir, you had the whole flight to strap on your explosives, the rules are an hour before landing you can’t get anything out of the over head compartment, you’re just going to have to book another flight!)

I have no idea where he heard or read this or how much of it is true, but it amused me so I thought I’d share.

I do appreciate security measures in all airports, Charles De Gull in  Paris are tough cookies! I for one out of hundreds of thousands do not want another 9/11 to occur every again, but I honestly don’t see how no entertainment on flights will help the situation.