Kheiry and his brother Amin are doing an amazing job at keeping their supporters and fans up to date with the latest developments of the up and coming reality TV series that will follow the expedition of 7 mountaineers attempting to climb Mount Everest. The team of climbers recently shot their pilot for their series in Morocco. Below is the latest up date the group members of SeVen received from Kheiry.
Coming live to you from the Toubkal Refuge at 3200m!

Yesterday Omar Samra (Climbing for Egypt) landed in Marrakech from Cairo after an overnight stay in Casablanca.

We spent the day catching up with seVen’s director, Elia Saikaly and our assistant director Matt Delaney on production, coordinating what plans we had for the next few days. We had a lot of fun fooling around with our summit flags making sure its all in order for when the rest of our team arrives. I can’t believe this is finally happening, one and a half years of non-stop round the clock planning! We’re finally here, the adventure has begun.

As we headed up the road in a very questionable vehicle we passed village after village, one of which had an awesome looking market! We decided to take a look! We met some lovely market people trying to sell us all kinds of things, from Berber cloaks to silver bangles, to paintings. What do we walk out with? A bag of shrivelled up dried dates, and a bag of nuts. Oh joy.

So the purpose today, was to get ahead of the main team on a reconnaissance mission of the mountain. We are with a full production crew so things are very different to what we are used to!! Cameras, sound, mics, tripods and a whole other plethora of equipment I won’t even dare to pronounce!

Our Moroccan comrad, Nacer Ibn Abdeldjalil, is now with us here at the lodge after a speedy, ‘non-production laden’ crew ascent of the trail. He made it up in 3hrs! That is nothing compared to our 8.5hrs! Speedy Gonzalez!

In any case, we are all very happy we got all the beauty shots on the mountain we needed, and will not have time to shoot with the entire climbing team once they arrive!

There is a lot less snow on the mountain this year, making the path to the summit a lot icier this time round. There has been rain.. Lots of it. Rain + Snow = Ice = Fun! we will evaluate our options in the morning in the hope to scout out the best locations possible to make this pilot fly.

But right now, we are nice and cosy, huddled up by the fire here in our wonderful home away from home, thinking of all of you, grateful, for all the wonderful support you have all given us since and prior to our launch. We are proud to be here, and we will NOT let you down.

Team, we’re waiting for you- everything’s set and we’re ready to roll 🙂

Lots of love and peace from 3200m on Toubkal.

Climbing for the Republic of Lebanon