Mountain climbers from SeVen Arab Nations are uniting to tackle seven of the highest summits in the world. Their climb is also to send a message to the Arab world that uniting and standing together is not impossible.  Omar Samra who is the first Egyptian to have ever climbed Everest is joining the team and I’m sure will be a valued member to have on the journey. Kheiry, whom I have dubbed ‘Spiderman’ is a friend of mine. Kheiry who is the founder of  ‘Climb 4 Lebanon’. Kheiry will be representing the Republic of  Lebanon on this climb. A few months ago on a recent visit of Kheiry’s to Egypt we sat and talked about his future plans and he mentioned he planned on tackling Everest but he didn’t mention turning it in to a reality TV show!  Kheiry’s brother Amin, is helping his brother’s journey and vision come to life and is working hard to make the public aware of their mission. He’s created a Facebook group called ‘SeVen’ . The group is growing at a fast rate as the word spreads across Facebook and the cyber world.  Amin Sammakieh is also the founder of ‘Plan A’ a Lebanese based creative agency that helps their clients create stronger brands. Plan A is also following the Seven climbers. They have already aired a trailer to the up and coming reality TV show, staring our brave climbers with a vision for a united Arab world.

Just today they aired their first webisode from Morocco, staring Omar and Kheiry as they prepare to climb the highest point in Africa.

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