It’s been two years since Egypt won the title of African Champions.  This year in Angola the competition is fierce. Egypt’s desire to win again has been fueled by the humiliating and aggressive fiasco of the last Algeria vs Egypt match in Sudan. I think I am not alone in hoping that we will win again for the 8th consecutive year running.

The Egyptians are still feeling quite sore about losing to Algeria and not qualifying for the World Cup, so our hopes and dreams are pinned on making it to the finals and winning the title again. Algeria maybe going to the World Cup, but we (Egypt) are the undisputed Champs of Africa.

The African Cup got off to an exciting start, with Togo forfeiting and being disqualified, Malawi’s victory over Algeria (Can you guess who most Egyptians were cheering on?) and Egypt’s 3-1 win against Nigeria.

Street vendors can be found in the streets selling the Egyptian flag and funky hats in black, white and red, encouraging the populations to support the national team and show their patriotism. The night of Egypt’s first game in the competition the streets of Cairo were fairly clear and cheers echoed around the city when they made their first goal!

Devoted football fans are spare those who are dedicated followers and then there are those who don’t want to watch for fear of disappointment. Last night a friend of mine, who is a hard-core Egypt supporter, said she can’t bring herself to watch. She was very depressed after the match in Sudan and doesn’t want to go through that again.

Egypt’s new favorites, Malawi lose to African Cup hosts Angola 2-0, Thursday 14th of January.

Egypt’s Arch Enemies, Algeria beat Mali 1-0. After Mali’s opening game win over Angola yesterday.

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