The eight representatives from 7 Arab nations who are attempting to climb the 7 summits of the world have been quiet for a week, 7 days to be precise. Thursday afternoon (14th/1/st/2010) we, their followers received word that they had lost communication for 3 days due to circumstances. What the circumstances are they have not said, but I’m sure we will find out soon. I’m just glad that all 8 are fine and well.
Here is the latest up date;
To all our “seVen” supporters,

It has been “seVen” days since our last communication. Due to extenuating circumstances which we plan to reveal to you, and reveal to you we shall, we lost contact with the team for three days of their epic adventure.

Armed to the teeth with axes, crampons, rope, nationalistic pride and most importantly… HD cameras ;)… Eight climbers representing seVen nations, fought their way through snow, rock and ice to reach the highest point in the Arab world.

We are proud to report that all SeVen nation’s flags were unfurled on the summit and with that, our goal of filming the entire pilot has been a victory.

The specialist production crew on the ground, made up of high altitude camera men, writers and directors, were able to capture some of the most cutting edge footage ever shot in these conditions in the history of the region.

We are now in the post production stage of this journey we have all set out together on. As promised we shall continue to release the webisodes right up until our final summit is reached- the pilot!

Our teams are working around the clock against strict deadlines to deliver regular webisodes that will introduce every climber on our team and every piece we need to complete the puzzle.

Thank you again for your relentless support. Simply said: we would be no where without you. We WILL achieve this TOGETHER.

The “seVen” team.