Arabs climbing mountains? seriously? I am VERY serious. For those of you who have followed my blogs you know that I’m following 8 Middle Eastern mountaineers who are climbing the seven summits to show the Arab world that unity is possible. Kheiry Sammakieh who is one of the mountaineers and is representing Lebanon is a friend of mine. I have followed their quest since he messaged me about it. As soon as I get an up date from his brother or other members of the team I post it on my blog.
About a week ago I got a message on facebook from Kheiry’s brother informing the followers of SeVen.
The webisodes that can be watched on are of excellent quality, the pictures are clear and the sound is fantastic. The webisodes are short takes of  episodes that are scheduled to air on a network at a later time and date. The webisodes tease you because they only give you a glimpse of what is going on during the teams quest, it does give the viewers and the fans a good idea of what these brave and ambitious climbers have to endure. Before the adventure even begins these climbers have a bit of a problem, 2 of the climbers are already at the refuge on the mountain and need to conserve their energy so they won’t make it down to the starting point to meet the four climbers that have arrived (1 representing Iraq, 2 women representing Jordan and 1 representing the nation of Morocco). The remaining two climbers who complete the team were stuck in London due to flight cancellations caused by weather. If that isn’t enough the team themselves hit a rough patch of weather on their climb too. You have to watch the webisodes to see for yourself. 
Below is the message from Plan A’s director and Kheiry’s brother, Amin;
“This is to inform you that “seVen” Webisode 4 is now online, you can view it in the video section of the “seVen” group or alternatively you can visit our website and access all our media from there on youtube and myspace.

Please keep the support coming, invite all your friends and family to join. Remember, this is not an ordinary group, we promise to keep you entertained with more activities and updates all they way until the pilot episode “seVen” is ready.

Stay tuned for more Webisodes and Updates …Coming soon.

The “seVen” Team”