If you have ever been or lived in Egypt I don’t have to go in to great detail of how much garbage is spewing all over the place! (no joke)  For those of you who don’t live here, there is a lot of garbage…EVERYWHERE! You can find the dumpsters out side of apartment building over flowing, the Nile and canals have all sorts of trash floating on its surface and embedded on the walls, the pavements and streets are littered with trash! It’s so bad that sometimes you can find plastic bags or crisp packets stuck in between branches of a tree.There  are buildings that have been knocked down and in the midst of the rubble are metal beams lying around and getting rusty,  you can often find old broken down cars that have collected years of dust and whose tires have rotted. It’s not a very pleasant sight as you can imagine! It’s very disheartening to see or to have to admit, when what I would LOVE to be able to do is brag about the beauty of the country! (there are some very beautiful places in Egypt, but they are not inhabited and they remain the way they have always been since time began)

Why can’t we do something with all this waste? Surely we could recycle 75 % of it! If there was a refund for soda cans like they do in Montreal. I think the entire country would participate in that. Why, well because Egyptians consume mass quantities of soda pop and if it meant that they could get some money back for their cans instead of throwing them out of their car windows it would be a step in the right direction. The waste from the food could be used to turn in to compost and used for the agricultural land. The glass bottle could be taken and reused or melted down and made into something else. If someone decided to recycle metal…they could be multi millionaire in no time!

PAPER!!! Oh my goodness….!!! There is so much  wasted paper that it’s incredible. Egypt isn’t as high-tech or digitalized as first world countries are, where everything is done electronically, it’s all done on paper here!! Imagine the products that could be produced from recycled paper!

If Egypt went Green and it was promoted nationally, I think a movement could start and within the span of 1 year to 3 years a noticable difference would be seen. Then every time a foreign leader comes to visit our Nations capital the special cleaning crew won’t have to go around the city sweeping up months worth of trash and repainting side walks to give the illusion that the city is well-maintained. Get this… it would actually look like that ALL the time!