Have you ever been in a situation where the person in front of you is behaving in an improper fashion and in your mind you can envision yourself slapping them so that they will shut up? I have many moments like that and I call them Ally McBeal moments after the TV show. The character would have instances where she would be fuming with anger and in her mind she could imagine her head exploding from fury.

There are times when I’ve been on a date and the person I’m with thinks he’s the bees knees and can’t stop talking about himself that I wonder if I took a pin to his head, would his ego deflate. There are other times when people keep harping on about their complaints and tribulations and I stand trying to look as composed as possible but all I want to do is run for the hills or have a magic remote to put them on mute.

Does anyone else have moments like these or do I need to seek professional help?