Yesterday the world-famous Latin music sensation, Ricky Martin announced on his official web page that he is proud to be the person he is and that he’s a fortunate homosexual. The media is having a field day.They must be starved for a story if this is getting them all excited! Does it really matter if he’s homosexual? Will it make any bit of difference to anyone if he is or if he isn’t? Will his music sound different? They are going back to previous interviews that he had with Walters, where she was pressuring him to admit or deny the rumours of being gay. So, what if he didn’t tell Ms Barbara Walters i he was or wasn’t. It’s no one’s business but his own.

Are our lives so empty and futile that we have to put celebrities lives under a magnifying glass? So, what if they gain an extra few pounds, cry in public or eat a burger from the same fast food joint that you buy your burgers from!??!!? They are people, just like everyone else. They have blood pumping through their veins, emotions and feel pain just like the rest of us.

I caught Ricky’s concert here in Cairo 5 years ago and to be totally and brutally honest. He blew me away. The guy can perform, dance and sing! He has amazing energy and on stage presence. The guys who went with us were a bit uncomfortable being there at first because they didn’t want people to think they were ‘gay’ but they ended up jumping and dancing around like the rest of us!!  Music aside, the guy is a humanitarian too and is passionate about trying to make a difference to help others.

Give him credit, he came out and admitted to the world what he was when he was good and ready. There are many men world-wide who can’t bring themselves to admitting their sexual orientation either because they are scared of their family and friends reaction OR because the culture of the country that they live in. If the average Joe in Egypt stepped out of he closet and admitted publicly that he’s gay, I honestly dread to think what people might do to him. So, I take my hat off to him!

Ricky, keep writing and performing I think you’re great weather you are gay or not!