Dear Grade 2 E of 09/10,

 Congratulations on getting through yet another year of learning. I hope you enjoyed it as much as Mrs. Sherine and I did. You should all be very proud of your achievements and the lessons you have learned this year. This year was certainly a tough one that didn’t start off as smoothly as it could have due to the Swine Flu scare. Once that passed the work and challenges of our school year began for you, your parents and your teachers.

Although the year was turbulent (bumpy), as a class you came together as a team and taught the other three classes what it meant to have sportsmanship. You were very gracious, you didn’t gloat and took their feelings in to consideration and you praised them on their efforts during the game. It takes people years to learn that lesson, and you learned it in less than a year. When a member of our class would be awarded a certificate or praised for improvement, you would cheer and clap for them like they had won the Nobel Prize. I couldn’t have been prouder of you.  In those instances I knew that I was the lucky one. I had been given a class of 20 unique and special individuals to teach, but it is I, who also learned from you.

This academic year has been unlike any other I have experienced in my ten years of teaching. My class had a high percentage of individuals who lacked self-confidence and didn’t believe that they were very smart. I have watched you all grow in confidence, character and you are definitely more the wiser. Each one of you brought a special presence and ingredient to our class. When one of you, were absent you could feel the void that was left. It may have been a bit quieter but there was an element that was missing.

I have enjoyed every lesson, week and month of being with you, even on the days where I was stressed, angry or upset. I was especially touched when you decided  amongst yourselves to give me the name ‘Mommy Nadia’. That to me is the biggest and highest praise any teacher could get. It’s better than receiving an Academy Award.

The hardest part for me is when the year comes to an end and our time is up. It’s time for me to release you and let you be on your way to continue your learning adventure. I wish you all the very best next year and all the years to follow. Remember one thing…that you CAN DO and BE anything you want to be. The only, thing that can prevent you from achieving your dreams are you. So, you need to believe in yourselves, work extremely hard in order to succeed.

I have compiled a DVD of all the pictures and video I have taken of you during your year with me. I hope you can look back on them in the future and remember the year you spent in Grade 2 with Mrs. Sherine and I.

  Your teacher always,

Miss Nadia El Abdin