Inception has cast a shadow over all the other movies that have come out this summer. People’s facebook statuses can’t stop raving about the amazing complex idea that is interesting and highly entertaining.
While I was away on vacation in England all I heard were the rave reviews about the new summer block buster movie, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception. To my unfortunate luck I wasn’t able to go to the cinema there but once back in Alexandria, I leaped at the opportunity when a friend of mine suggested that we go and watch it.
I have never known Egyptians to be so quiet at the cinema whilst watching a movie. The entire audience was in deep concentration and was captivated by the story line.
Christopher Nolan the director and genius behind the script has definitely increased his following after this mind-boggling, entertaining film.
The balance of the movie was flawless! There wasn’t a dull moment, the cast was perfectly selected and it kept you questioning everything after the credits and after you left the theatre and tucked safely in bed.
I know there are several people out there who have not yet seen the movie, so I am not about to spoil it for them, but the question on everyone’s mind and the cause of many on-line debates is. Was it just a dream?
Here’s what I was able to conclude from the final scene;

 1st point
The spinning top wasn’t his remember, it was Mull’s originally.
The golden rule is that no one should touch anyone else’s totem
2nd point
The spinning top continues to spin on a perpendicular axis when in a dream.
3rd point
In the final scene, in the beginning the top spun in circular motion and was about to topple, but it didn’t it continued to spin on a perpendicular axis, it defied gravity.
4th point
His children hadn’t aged since the time he had left them and they were wearing the same clothes from his memory.

So, dream or not a dream….what do you think?