Believe it or not the last time I was in England was for my cousin’s wedding in 1992, which is 18 years ago! Since we last saw one another a lot has changed as you can imagine. My sister and I had grown a few more inches in height (and I in width), graduated from High School, University and have left the nest.
They have become older and wiser, started families of their own and work themselves silly.

 Our family connection is not as solid or sound as it had been a decade or so ago, but what I find comforting is that, even with all the time that has passed there is still that untouchable ‘bond’ that unites us. It’s ‘our’ Clans traits, genes, blood and wicked sense of humour!
I don’t think there is anything that could ever dilute or sever it!

I have been fortunate to travel to many different locations, spend summers on the Mediterranean, meet fascinating people and be exposed to so many things but NON of that can compare to spending time with my cousins. There’s just something about being with them that is so natural and in our family HIGHLY entertaining.
We may not get to see or keep in contact with one another as often as we would like to but deep down we know that our ties are deeply rooted and that we will always be there for one another. I supposed that’s why when I’m with them I don’t feel like I’ve been away for long. When we are together, it feels as though we have been apart only for a short time. What I do regret is missing out on being there for the birth of their children and watching and participating in their lives as they grew up. Being there in spirit isn’t the same as physically being there!

When I’m with my family, I don’t think there’s a day that passed, where we weren’t brought to tears by fits of laughter brought on by something someone said, did or memory that had been remembered. When families get together there is usually some kind of beverage flowing 😉  and there is always food!

Seeing them and spending time with their families was the highlight of my trip to England this summer.