Have you ever had a childhood dream of wanting to do or become something?
I had many career ambitions when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a WWF wrestler because I was a Tom boy and I liked the idea of being to lift someone high above my head and throwing them (very lady like!), It then changed to wanting to join the Navy Seals because I really liked their combat boots and defense tactics (but mainly for the boots), then I wanted to be a teacher for the deaf after seeing a movie where people taught children to sign, from there I decided that I would much prefer to be a lawyer so that I could argue my point all day long and get paid for it and then I wanted to be a child psychologist because they charged a lot of money by the hour while helping disturbed children. I didn’t join the World Wrestling Federation or the Navy Seals to my father’s relief. I ended up being an Elementary School teacher and a Writer, neither of which were on my dream job list as a child. I can’t complain, I really enjoy what I do and I do it well, (I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet).

My Father on the other hand, did fulfill his childhood dream of understanding how aero planes functioned and how to fly them. After studying and obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering like his Mother wanted, he furthered his studies in Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics and even went a step further and obtained his flying license as a commercial pilot. The only thing he didn’t get to do was fly for an airline. He had applied to work for one, but the head of the airline at the time said the only way he would ever fly for that company was if he paid him 10,000 pounds. My father being a man of integrity refused to cough up the money. He wanted to earn his job the right way.

Over the years my Dad taught ground school at a flying school in Montreal, lectured in Saudi Arabia and taught his students Engineering, how to build wind tunnels, aerodynamics and even took them for a ride in a plane as their pilot. His students always learned a lot from him; perhaps it’s because he’s so passionate about aircrafts and is like an excited little boy playing with a toy. If there is a movie, program or a news report related to airplanes, he will focus all his attention on what is being said.

Last year, my Dad taught ground school at one of the flying Academies in Amman, Jordan.  I went to visit him during the Easter break and on Friday we went to Carrefour to have lunch together, to my amazement a big group of his students go there every Friday too and they all sit together, have lunch and talk about flying. As I ate and observed I could tell that these young men had great respect for their teacher and felt at ease in his company. They were really upset that he didn’t stay on a second year and put their allowance together to buy him a model airplane as a farewell gift.
His colleagues were sad to see him go as well. They have kept in touch and have recommended him to other flying academies in the region.

Their recommendations didn’t go unheard, because now, My Dad is a consultant for two of the Flying Academies in Amman, Jordan and a Student recruiter for the flying schools in Amman and one in Montreal, Canada. I don’t think they could have asked for a better representative, because he has the passion for flying and can answer almost any question related to planes and engines. I’m not saying that because he’s my Dad, I’m saying it on the basis of being a teacher myself. I know what it takes to get students to be interested in a subject and to love it as much as you do.

As a kid my Dad would take my Mum, sister and I to they flying club in Montreal, and we would go up in a small four seated, propeller jet engine. He would teach my sister and I how to use the controls and fly the plane. I was useless! My parents had trained me ever since I was a baby to fall asleep on planes, (especially during long Trans Atlantic flights) so just minutes after getting clearance from the tower, and taking off. I would be fast asleep. My younger sister was a natural! Much to my father’s delight!
When my Dad is up in the sky in a plane, he is in his element. It’s almost as though he was meant to be up there.

If you have dreamed of being a pilot or going in to the field of aviation and you live in Egypt. Check out Captain Nabil El Abdin’s web page on facebook. Get in touch with him and he can tell you how to apply to the flying Academies in Jordan or in Montreal, Canada.

It’s never too late to fulfill your childhood dream.