Another story to be added to the family vault of stories…

Last March my family discovered that we had a squatter living in our house in Alexandria. A little grey furry cute looking mouse, we would see it scurrying in the family room and I saw it a couple of times in my bedroom. We didn’t see any harm in keeping it around, after all it wasn’t causing us any harm.

When I told a friend of mine that there was a little cute mouse in the house, he then informed me that there’s and Egyptian saying that if you see a rat/mouse that someone close to you will betray you. Ironically, every time that happened one of us ended up having a huge spat with someone near and dear to us.

Months passed and we didn’t see them up until November when I was back in Alexandria for the Eid holiday and I thought I was seeing double. I had been in the dining room working on writing up report cards when through the corner of my eye I saw a ball of fur run like lighting by the skirting board of the room to the study. I then went in to the family room and saw it again, or so I thought. I told my parents I think there’s more than one mouse in the house and they said that there couldn’t be and that it was the same one. I didn’t lose any more sleep over it because my mind was already stressed out about report cards!

This past month my Mom called me and caught me off guard with her greeting of; “You’ll Never Guess What Just Happened?!” I’m sitting in the sitting room and two mice come creeping out from under the DVD cabinet and start playing in the middle of the carpet, cheeky little buggers! I kept banging my walking stick on the ground they would run under the cabinet and come back and continue to play. One even came right up to my foot! That’s it! they aren’t cute any more! You’re father has a new project to occupy himself with and that is getting rid of the mice”

Set out to get them he did!

Last week he retold the tale of how he got all three mice with great pride!

You’re mother told me that the mice are getting very brave and to sit and watch them in the sitting room, so I did. I sat on the arm-chair by the door and one of the mice came out. I banged the stick on the floor and it ran to hide and then came back it ran to the other side of the coffee table and I couldn’t see it because the table-cloth goes right down to the ground and the next thing I knew it had climbed up on to the table, in to a plastic bag and in to the box in the bag. I seized the opportunity and  used the stick and kept whacking it until he killed it’

(1 down 2 more to go)

The other two fur balls were not as easy to catch according to my dad. He said he had to sit, watch and study them to understand their mind-set, so that he would be able to catch them. The way he talked you would think he was on high-profile case with the FBI, trying to catch a serial killer.

He proceeded to go in to great detail of how he went out to buy very strong glue, poison and cheese. How he put the glue on pieces of cardboard as well as a poisoned piece of cheese. He said he laid the traps down in the kitchen and woke up the next morning to find that one trap hand moved. He found it quite a distance away from where he had originally put it down. When he found it he found mouse number 2, very stuck to the cardboard and struggling to break free, but alas it was not meant to be.

(2 down, 1 to go)

Dad saw the smallest mouse in the kitchen so he got creative, creating different traps for it to choose from. This little mouse although small, was quite smart. It wanted the cheese, but didn’t want to come out of hiding, so it stretched its little paws out from under the fridge and pulled the cheese towards it and pulled it under the refrigerator. The following morning, my father found the mouse out from under the fridge sitting lifeless in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Mission  Accomplished