So, what’s this page about?

It’s mostly about me and living in Egypt. You see, I’m what many like to call a mongrel, (no! I don’t have 4 legs, floppy ears or a tail). What I meant is that I’m of mixed ethnicity. Irish Mum, Egyptian Dad, Canadian National and raised in the Middle East.  I consider myself a well balanced melange of Western/European and Egyptian culture. I tend to lean more towards the Western logic and mentality of things, which doesn’t always blend well with how things are done here. On many occasions you’ll find me hitting my head against a brick wall when I see something so trivial blown out of proportion and when I find that something that is really logical is made extremely complicated. I can’t help but get either frustrated at the amount of time that has been wasted, be baffled or be in hysterics laughing in utter disbelief!

So, yeah..It’s another blog about a person’s life BUT I’m living in Egypt!

Who am I?

I go by many names. Hawk Eyes (because I notice a lot of things that most people wouldn’t see), Irish Alexandrian (Irish Mum and Dad from Alexandria) and my given name, Nadia (I’ve been told that it means ‘One with hope’ in Russian. In Arabic Nadia comes from the word Nada, which means morning dew). I’m a single 30 something year young female living in Cairo working as a qualified teacher at an International school as well as aspiring to be a recognized writer and children’s book author.  (Shouldn’t be too hard since I can’t spell to save my life and have a hell of a time with punctuation! We can all dream can’t we?)

Aside from teaching and writing children’s stories that are authentic to the region, I do freelance writing for Magazines published in English here in  Egypt.  Keep a look out for my articles.

What’s with the blog name?

Well, as I mentioned I go by ‘Irish Alexandrian” and I live in Cairo. So, this blog is my way of speaking up and speaking out from Cairo. It isn’t centered around things that ONLY happen in Cairo. I also write about places to go for dinner, customs and traditions that are up held.

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