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Another wave of turmoil hits the Middle East like a Tsunami with an Anti Islamic movie that went viral and caused hundreds of tempers to reach boiling point.

I haven’t been able to get my hands on the full film but the clip that I did see was a pitiful attempt at movie making to say the least. The quality of the cinematography was clearly of that of a rookie and the dialogue was so baseless and lifeless that I think a bunch of Elementary students could have done a better job. As for the content of the script and portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed (May Peace Be upon Him) was sick and twisted! The clip I saw portrayed him as a disoriented fool, who could be suffering from schizophrenia or was a junky of some kind that rambled on about none sense and didn’t make sense. I can now see and understand how upset, insulted and appalled Muslims around the world were.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (aka”Sam Bacile” or Mark Basseley Youssef) the film maker who sparked the wave of rage has proven to be a man of many names and a sly con artist with a very long rap sheet from the reports that are coming out about him. I wonder if his (wrongful) depiction of the Prophet was based on his own troubled soul?

Nakoula, an Egyptian born national collaborated with a U.S. religious group called Media for Christ. In a humors twist, these so-called “Right Wing” Christians had their dubbed anti-Islamic film directed by a pornographer (thought I recognized the 80’s style from somewhere). Forgive my ignorance…but, ummmm, doesn’t pornography go against Christian beliefs? Secondly why would they dream of having a director who directs sinful media associated with their ‘Media for Christ’? Surly, Christ himself wouldn’t condone such a person to make a film on his behalf and secondly the Son of God (Prophet or Messiah depending on your belief ) who endured crucifixion for his love of humanity wouldn’t want such a ‘Blasphemous’ film being made and have his name associated with it. After all aren’t we all God’s children?

Nakoula and the other right-wing people behind the making of this poor excuse for a documentary film knew exactly what would happen the moment his film was released to the public. He may have anticipated rage, which would then heighten the popularity of his poorly made and fact less movie but I doubt he could have known to what degree the anger would have reached and that blood would be shed.  I do wonder if he ever for one moment put his own people, by own people I mean the Coptic community of Egypt into consideration? Did he not think that this could backfire and that people might turn violent on them and persecute them for his stupid actions?

The reaction to the movie I can understand. The actions that people took, I DO NOT and I certainly DO NOT and cannot justify in any shape or form. In my opinion it was over reacted, only to fuel media interest and popularity in the movie. The attacking of Embassies, Ambassadors and Embassy employees was uncalled for and barbaric. Reactions like these just fuel the false impression and misconception that the world has about people from Egypt, Middle East and Muslims. When we go out with hot heads and tempers blazing they are ready and waiting to catch it on tape to stream on their networks to make us out to be the crazed ‘savages’ that they have painted us to be. Fueling ignorance and making us out to be psychotic trigger happy ignoramuses ready to declare ‘jihad’ and kill at a drop of a hat.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of hearing that we are all terrorists, uneducated, uncivilized….bla bla bla bla bla!!  Violent reactions like these make those avid watchers of FOX network think that what they are watching and what they are being told is true. It makes them out to be right in the eyes of the public and we keep playing into the palm of their hands. We need to STOP, THINK about our actions before we react and the best way to shatter the public’s image of us is to beat them at their own game. The best way I have found to beat bullies is to ignore them or to treat them nicely, (easier said than done, I agree. Then again nothing comes easy, but every time we resist the urge to fall into their trap and they find less to say to fuel their image would be well worth the effort.  It takes a lot to bite your tongue and not want to slap someone, but it can be done. If Gandhi could do it, then by George so can we!)

WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS!!! We have thousands of years of history, culture and ancient CIVILIZATIONS that WE originate from! The world of Mathematics and Science is what it is today because of OUR ancestors. Let us not forget that and while we are at it, let’s remind them and show them who we truly are.

Let us not allow the minorities that are captured on film doing these acts be the source of people labeling us and the basis for their generalization of people from the region. They do not represent me, they do not reflect who I am and I know they do not reflect the majority.


The eight representatives from 7 Arab nations who are attempting to climb the 7 summits of the world have been quiet for a week, 7 days to be precise. Thursday afternoon (14th/1/st/2010) we, their followers received word that they had lost communication for 3 days due to circumstances. What the circumstances are they have not said, but I’m sure we will find out soon. I’m just glad that all 8 are fine and well.
Here is the latest up date;
To all our “seVen” supporters,

It has been “seVen” days since our last communication. Due to extenuating circumstances which we plan to reveal to you, and reveal to you we shall, we lost contact with the team for three days of their epic adventure.

Armed to the teeth with axes, crampons, rope, nationalistic pride and most importantly… HD cameras ;)… Eight climbers representing seVen nations, fought their way through snow, rock and ice to reach the highest point in the Arab world.

We are proud to report that all SeVen nation’s flags were unfurled on the summit and with that, our goal of filming the entire pilot has been a victory.

The specialist production crew on the ground, made up of high altitude camera men, writers and directors, were able to capture some of the most cutting edge footage ever shot in these conditions in the history of the region.

We are now in the post production stage of this journey we have all set out together on. As promised we shall continue to release the webisodes right up until our final summit is reached- the pilot!

Our teams are working around the clock against strict deadlines to deliver regular webisodes that will introduce every climber on our team and every piece we need to complete the puzzle.

Thank you again for your relentless support. Simply said: we would be no where without you. We WILL achieve this TOGETHER.

The “seVen” team.

Mountain climbers from SeVen Arab Nations are uniting to tackle seven of the highest summits in the world. Their climb is also to send a message to the Arab world that uniting and standing together is not impossible.  Omar Samra who is the first Egyptian to have ever climbed Everest is joining the team and I’m sure will be a valued member to have on the journey. Kheiry, whom I have dubbed ‘Spiderman’ is a friend of mine. Kheiry who is the founder of  ‘Climb 4 Lebanon’. Kheiry will be representing the Republic of  Lebanon on this climb. A few months ago on a recent visit of Kheiry’s to Egypt we sat and talked about his future plans and he mentioned he planned on tackling Everest but he didn’t mention turning it in to a reality TV show!  Kheiry’s brother Amin, is helping his brother’s journey and vision come to life and is working hard to make the public aware of their mission. He’s created a Facebook group called ‘SeVen’ . The group is growing at a fast rate as the word spreads across Facebook and the cyber world.  Amin Sammakieh is also the founder of ‘Plan A’ a Lebanese based creative agency that helps their clients create stronger brands. Plan A is also following the Seven climbers. They have already aired a trailer to the up and coming reality TV show, staring our brave climbers with a vision for a united Arab world.

Just today they aired their first webisode from Morocco, staring Omar and Kheiry as they prepare to climb the highest point in Africa.

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